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By now, you like so many others have pondered one of the following questions. Where can I find guitar lessons near me? Are there any awesome guitar teachers near me that will fit my music style? Is it possible for me to learn guitar and play like a pro too?

The answer to all of those all too common questions is yes! We at Guitar Lessons Santa Rosa Ca can fill all of your guitar lesson needs and much more! Our services are guaranteed the best in Santa Rosa and surrounding areas.

Our local guitar teachers have years of combined experience and a success rate that no other guitar lessons facility in the area can beat. Our friendly staff is here for you, our number one priority.

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About Us

About Guitar Lessons Santa Rosa Ca

Our facility was founded with one question in mind. Where can a student go that caters to not only instrument diversity, but music genre diversity as well? At the time, there was not one facility that could offer all the services Guitar Lesson Santa Rosa Ca does today.

Our services range from guitar lessons to beginners, to classical guitar lessons, and more! Our guitar instructors are armed with the knowledge of the latest in music trends as well as playing styles and techniques.

What more could you ask for in a teacher? We answered that too. Our teachers express a contagious passion for the instruments they teach as well as music as a whole.

When our teachers express their passion and love for music in each and every lesson plan, you can’t help but share that love with them. This creates a desire to learn and master guitar, but to also have unimaginable fun while learning!

Why Choose Us?

We believe in a strong set of principles that both the student and teacher can bring to each and every lesson. When you or someone you know signs up for one of our lesson packages, you can walk away feeling confident.

Confidence that not only have you signed up with the best guitar teacher Santa Rosa has to offer. But your Santa Rosa guitar lessons offer life-long virtues you can carry with you for life.

These virtues are:

  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Responsibility

When you learn an instrument the first two virtues you will begin to learn right away are patience and perseverance. Learning an instrument can be a challenging task. Each student must learn quickly to persevere through challenging obstacles, especially at the beginner stage.

As a musician that has just begun to learn to play, you may find it difficult to make muscles work in ways they have never had to before. Or find your hand may not stretch as far to the next note as you would like. This is when you must push through those obstacles and overcome the challenge.

Next, you will discover patience. Not only must you be patient making it through certain milestones. But you must be patient with yourself. It’s ok to not sound like a professional after three lessons. That’s why we are here!

Finally, our students learn responsibility. This is especially true for our younger students. You as a student must become responsible to not only show up to every lesson on time and ready to play. But to practice at home and really push yourself to your limits when there is no one else around.

This is why you need us at Guitar Lessons Santa Rosa Ca. We will push you to better yourself in a way online videos or books cannot. A good teacher must be willing to make a student self-accountable.

What To Expect?

In return for all of your hard work as a student, you can expect from us the same standards we push our students to strive towards. Your Santa Rosa guitar teacher will demonstrate the importance of patience, perseverance, and responsibility.

Teaching can be difficult for the instructor at times as well. Each instructor must learn each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Some students may pick up on music theory faster than playing their scales. That being said, our instructors promise to demonstrate patience even with the student may become impatient themselves.

Believe it or not, our teachers that have been playing their instrument are still learning too! We believe that as musicians we can always improve and find new ways to perfect our playing and our teaching. This means we have to persevere as well and push ourselves to new boundaries so we can reflect that in our lessons with our students.

Responsibility is most important in our instructors. The same way we expect you to arrive to your lesson on-time and prepared, we need to be prepared too! Ready to teach and ready to serve you with our famous customer service that students have grown to depend on for years.



At Guitar Lessons Santa Rosa Ca we offer much more than basic guitar lessons. We make sure to provide a well-rounded list of options to suit all of your guitar lesson needs. Please read carefully below our services and make sure you are choosing the best fit for you!

beginner guitar lessons santa rosa

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Everyone has to start somewhere! You are no different. Our guitar lessons for beginners start with the absolute basics and help push you through to the advanced lessons. When you first start your beginner lessons we will review parts of the guitar, how they work, and different types of guitars and how they influence modern music today. That’s just the beginning! We then start work on scales, how to play guitar chords, and how to implement these skills into songs.

kids guitar lessons santa rosa

Guitar Lessons for Kids

Sorry parents but our absolute greatest joy comes from sharing our passion for music with our youth. If it wasn’t for them, music would cease to exist in the future! Our instructors will not only teach the instrument to your child but make sure they have fun while doing it! We guarantee our instructors will have your child hungry for more musical knowledge. Sign them up today!

santa rosa bass guitar lessons

Bass Guitar Lessons

If you enjoy the rhythm and beat of the song more than most, then our bass guitar lessons are for you. Our bass guitar lessons start from the basics of tempo and identifying various rhythms and patterns that will have you playing bass guitar solos many didn’t know were possible on the bass guitar.

santa rosa electric guitar lessons

Electric Guitar Lessons

When it comes to guitar, nothing quite beats nailing that tricky guitar solo and shredding like a pro. Our electric guitar lessons start from the basics and up. With your electric guitar lessons, you will learn music theory, scales, chords, and how to implement this knowledge into various music genres. In no time at all, you will be rocking out to classic rock songs you grew up listening to on the radio, and modern heavy-hitting rock songs.

santa rosa acoustic guitar lessons

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

When many think of a guitar, they picture the iconic acoustic guitar. Our acoustic guitar lessons will teach you not only how to play guitar chords, but how they are made. You will be able to listen to songs and decipher what key you are in and implement various guitar chords you have learned to play right there on the spot. If you are writing music, you will have the musical knowledge with our lessons to choose a key and instantly know what chords can be played in that key and write a song in seconds.

santa rosa classical guitar lessons

Classical Guitar Lessons

Are you a natural multitasker? If this is you then our classical guitar lessons are for you! Our classical guitar lessons will teach you chords and how to play multiple notes within those chords. When you listen to classical guitar it may sound overwhelming and complex, but our lessons will teach you how to play along with these songs and really impress your friends.

santa rosa guitar lessons for adults

Guitar Lessons for Adults

Maybe you have tried and given up on playing guitar. Perhaps you simply need a new hobby and are looking for productive ways to spend your free time. Well, guitar lessons are for you. Our lessons range from beginner to advanced lessons regardless of your experience in life. Sign up today for your Santa Rosa guitar lessons and see for yourself how rewarding playing an instrument can be.

Service Area

About Santa Rosa Ca

Santa Rosa Ca is 55 miles north of San Francisco. If you are someone who enjoys wine, Santa Rosa is a great starting point to explore California’s wine country. With a population of 177,586, Santa Rosa is a wonderful travel destination if you are looking for a relaxed vacation experience.

Santa Rosa is full of wonderful restaurants including famous chefs, historic residential neighborhoods, museums, wine tasting, and more! Santa Rosa is also home to a museum that celebrates the life of Charles M. Shultz, the creator of the Peanuts cartoons. Colorful sculptures of these beloved characters can be seen scattered throughout the city.

Neighboring cities include:

  • Petaluma
  • Rohnert Park
  • Windsor
  • Healdsburg
  • Sonoma
  • Roseland
  • And so many surrounding areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are guitar lessons?

The price of your lessons will depend on the lesson package you choose. Our lesson times range from half-hour to hour-long lessons. Our average student chooses the half-hour lessons but if you feel you want or need more time for your private lessons that’s ok with us! Your best option to learn about pricing is to contact us today or stop by our facility.

What is a tuner, and do I need one?

A tuner is an electronic device that displays the note your guitar string is currently producing. There are many different types of tuners with different displays and accuracy, which of course changes the price. They can be found from ten dollars all the way up to the hundreds. While we do encourage our students to learn to tune their guitar by ear, we do find it necessary to have a tuner they can access at home.

What is palm muting?

Palm muting is a guitar technique used by guitar players. The goal is to get a muted sound from your strings when playing. The sound is accomplished by the player resting their right hand over the strings by the bridge while the strings are stroked. You will absolutely learn this technique over the course of your lessons.

What kind of guitar pick should I buy?

There is no right answer when it comes to guitar picks. It is all personal preference for each individual player. Some picks are thick while others are paper thin. Depending on the song you may even strum or pick with your fingers. Our recommendation after beginning your lessons with us is to stop by your local music shop and purchase several different kinds of picks to learn what is most comfortable for you!

Will I need to change the strings on my guitar?

Over time, your strings will get worn out or eventually break. Changing your strings on a regular basis is part of the upkeep of your instrument. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. There are also ways to prolong the life of your strings such as washing your hands before you play and cleaning your strings periodically to remove dirt and grime.

Customer Testimonials


For years I struggled wanting to find a guitar teacher. From the moment I took my first lesson with Guitar Lessons Santa Rosa, I was hooked. My teacher made the material relatable as well as fun. I would not be as confident with my instrument today if it wasn’t for my teacher.

Thomas H.


For years, I have wanted to learn to play guitar. I tried watching videos online but never got the direct feedback to keep me motivated. That is until I started going to Guitar Lessons Santa Rosa. Now I can’t wait to get home from school and immediately pick up my guitar and play for hours every day.

Cory D.


I signed my son up for guitar lessons a couple of years ago. At first, he did not want to really learn how to play an instrument. I felt it would be good for him to learn. Now he shocks me with songs he can play and I hear him playing along to songs I used to listen to growing up. His teacher is the best! Highly recommended.

Tony C.

So are you ready to learn to play guitar? By reading our page you have already displayed an interest in taking your next step to learn guitar. We guarantee your satisfaction with the knowledge you will gain that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Our teachers will have you playing riffs and solos you never dreamed possible. Not only will you be able to show off your knowledge to your friends, but you will have the knowledge and experience to play in a band or write music on your own.

So don’t delay, call us today! Set an appointment with our friendly staff over the phone or stop by to start your guitar lessons.

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