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Customer Testimonials


For years I struggled wanting to find a guitar teacher. From the moment I took my first lesson with Guitar Lessons Santa Rosa, I was hooked. My teacher made the material relatable as well as fun. I would not be as confident with my instrument today if it wasn’t for my teacher.

Thomas H.


For years, I have wanted to learn to play guitar. I tried watching videos online but never got the direct feedback to keep me motivated. That is until I started going to Guitar Lessons Santa Rosa. Now I can’t wait to get home from school and immediately pick up my guitar and play for hours every day.

Cory D.


I signed my son up for guitar lessons a couple of years ago. At first, he did not want to really learn how to play an instrument. I felt it would be good for him to learn. Now he shocks me with songs he can play and I hear him playing along to songs I used to listen to growing up. His teacher is the best! Highly recommended.

Tony C.

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