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About #1 Guitar Teachers

Guitar Lessons Santa Rosa Ca has been servicing our area for years offering nothing less than the highest quality lessons for you and your family. Our friendly staff follows the same principles and virtues we have taught our students for years.

We have taught students from the beginner stages to advanced and watched in awe as our students impress us with their skills and knowledge. The music family we have created in our community is a great way to make friends and find new ways to hold yourself accountable while learning your instrument.

Don’t delay, call us today. When you stop by for your first lesson you will quickly find that you too can learn and master an instrument at a faster pace than you ever dreamed possible with a responsible and fun teacher by your side pushing you to the next skill level.

Guitar Lessons For Everyone:

  • Kids
  • Adults
  • Beginners
  • All other levels

Lessons with different instruments:

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Bass
  • Classical Guitar

Guitar Lessons Santa Rosa

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